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Our Story

Wear Kindness was created to promote equity, challenge patriarchy & white supremacy, and inspire black & brown people.

Kindness isn't about being nice or politically correct.  Kindness is about taking action when you see others in need, speaking up against injustice, and using whatever privilege you have to help others. 

I was raised by a tribe of strong women. Women who carried the world on their shoulders. Women who, in the face of adversity and mistreatment, wiped their tears and kept pushing. These women taught me values like strength, kindness, and charity.

I had never known black women to be anything less than powerful, fierce, and strong. But in a world that pushes the "Strong Black Woman" narrative, like many others, I never truly acknowledged the humanity of black women. 

"Strong Black Women" are human.  They deserve love, support, and protection. They deserve access to quality healthcare, education, and a chance to grow up free of damaging stereotypes and judgments thrust upon them by the communities they serve.

Black women are not just black, they are not just women,  they exist in TWO cultures that patriarchy and white supremacy have unjustly deemed less important. That sh*t is trash! 

Being a queer black man, I know what it's like to not feel supported, protected, or valued. But because I am what some consider a "straight-acting male" I still have privilege. I started Wear Kindness to join those fighting for equity. It's our responsibility to Black women to use our privilege to kick patriarchy and white supremacy in the ass. When we do, we all win. 

So yes, the products are 🔥.  But the WHY is what's most important. We have to give the next generation of black women a chance at a more equitable future.  So, when you checkout today, a portion of your sale will go directly to charities that prioritize the wellness of black women and girls. Charities like Black Girls Code, Black Girls Rock, and The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. 


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